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Our Mission

The Weavers came to Perrinpit Farm in the late 1930s and the magic has continued ever since. Since we started farming in Frampton Cotterell, we have been dedicated to producing great tasting, high quality meat in a sustainable way and in harmony with nature.

We compliment out incredible grass-fed Aberdeen Angus Beef and Suffolk Lamb with handpicked products created by producers who we know and trust. These amazing products are available through Perrintpit Pantry bespoke “mixed boxes” just for you, our customers.

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with respect for nature. Our principles have not changed over the last 70 years and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce food that you can trust completely.

Quality over Quantity

For over 70 years we have been producing the finest quality meat and we truly believe that British Beef and Lamb are unrivalled.

We believe that British Farming deserves some respect. Recently the food chain has become detached from agriculture and farmers. Consumption of cheap imported food at the current rate is unsustainable and we therefore believe Quality should take precedence over Quantity.

We believe we should all eat less mass-produced imported meat. When eating meat, we should ensure it has been produced in a way that has respect for the animal, respect for the farmer and respect for the British Countryside.

We never add any nasty preservatives or chemicals to our meat, we don't want to eat them so why should we make you? We don't do anything nasty or unnatural to our food.

How to make the most of your meat

At Perrinpit Farm we use an independent butcher who works with us to make sure every joint we send out is to a high quality. We hang every carcass, so although there may be a little wait for your beef or lamb box, we are removing up to 30% water. This not only intensifies the flavour but means the texture of our meat is firm.

We believe the freezer is the best place to store your meat, it means the quality is never ever compromised and you are able to waste less. Once you have got your box home freezing is best! As it is natures best way of preserving food. We are able to help you reduce your waste at home by encouraging you to get to know your freezer.

We individually wrap each portion so you can take what you need out of the freezer, when you need it and leave the rest for another day. You can defrost your meat by placing each pouch in cool water and leaving it to thaw gently.