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Family Farming

We are local Farmers (Frampton Cotterell) and have been farming in the area for four generations. Our whole family is dedicated to the farm and as a result are very proud of its heritage and particularly our speciality of breeding and rearing animals.

We believe that small-scale mixed farming is the most sustainable way to produce food. We have a long-standing flock of Suffolk sheep and a strong herd of beef cattle some of which are from our suckler herd and some which we hand rear.

Our mixed farming system helps us ensure our countryside looks fantastic, aside from day to day tasks we spend time focusing on laying hedgerows, improving water cycles and planting wildflower mixes and new trees to increase habitats for our local and native species.

We are passionate about the Slow Food movement, a grassroots organisation that is the alternative to fast food. Slow Food strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming characteristics in line with the local ecosystem. The Slow Food motto is 'Good, clean and fair' - a sentiment we couldn’t agree more with.

One of our fundamental principles is to grow livestock from grass. By selecting the right breeds, with the right diet, we let animals grow at a natural pace in their natural environment.

Perrinpit Farm Beef

We pride ourselves on producing amazing, flavoursome, tender and well marbled beef. All of our cattle eat a pasture-based diet; grazing the herb-rich grass, at or around Perrinpit Farm, being fed additonal hay and silage through the winter. We are Farm Assured and part of the West Country Beef and Lamb PGI. We are able to use the West Country PGI logo and the Red Tractor. Both of which are a sign of quality and celebrate the grass based rearing environment of our animals.

Our spring calving suckler herd produces Aberdeen Angus sired calves that run with their mothers until weaning. We also rear beef calves from local dairy farms - which we call our "commercial herd".

Perrinpit Farm Suffolk Lamb

Perrintpit is synonymous with suffolk sheep and the system that we use for our Suffolk lamb is about as natural as it gets. The Suffolk breed is renowned for producing the best tasting lamb and the Weavers have been breeding Suffolk’s at Perrinpit for generations.

Our lambs are born from December to April and they run with their mothers until weaning. This means that they make full use of their mother’s milk – which produces strong healthy lambs. Once weaned our Suffolk lambs grow on our grass and are fed some of our homegrown oats, resulting in a well-rounded animal with just enough fat to give that incredible flavour.