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Our Suppliers

We have teamed up with some of the very best businesses out there to put together our Perrinpit Pantry Collection.

You can find these products in our carefully selected “Boxes” which we put together just for you.

Some of the businesses which we have collaborated with are:


"Buying wine should be one of life’s greatest pleasures". Vinotopia is a modern, independent, wine merchant based in Tetbury in the heart of the Cotswolds. They are dedicated to ensuring that buying wine is the enjoyable and rewarding experience it ought to be.

Just like Perrinpit Pantry, Vinotopia is everything that a supermarket is not. They match their customers with the best wines at sensible prices. They focus on the importance of the product by reflecting that a bottle of wine is more than, well, just a bottle of wine. That it represents a place, a climate and a culture. A terroir. A winemaker’s philosophy.

Hog & Tallow

Based in rural Somerset, Hog Tallow hand make small batches of soap using beautiful local ingredients. They create a soap with minimal impact on the environment, a smaller carbon footprint and use ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away! 

Tallow is unbelievably special because they use local grass-fed Tallow, British cold pressed rapeseed oil and local by-products such as waste beer cider, charcoal fines and foraged botanicals.

Tallow is beef fat. It has been used for centuries to make soap and for good reason. Tallow is incredibly useful, it is already used across the beauty industry from lipstick to big brand soap (look for 'sodium tallowate'). 

Tallow is skin loving - The fatty acids in grass fed tallow are similar in molecular structure and composition to those found in the layers of our skin and, as a result, are incredibly moisturising. Rich in vitamins A, D, E K tallow is naturally compatible with our skin.

Rapeseed oil is high in omega's 3,6,9 and anti-oxidant vitamin E - perfect for nourishing your skin and only travels from Worcestershire. They infuse the rapeseed oil with anti inflammatory and healing comfrey from the garden. 

Like us Hog & Tallow believe that if we raise animals to eat then we need to use every part -  not throw it away!

Wogan Coffee

Established in the heart of Bristol in 1970, Wogan Coffee is now in its third generation, with one Wogan in Bristol, and the other in London.

Wogan Coffee sources and imports exceptional artisan and speciality coffees from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide, hand-roasting every single bean to perfection, while building a better future for growers and their families.

Thanks to their excellent long-standing relationships with coffee farmers and direct trade partners, they are able to craft outstanding coffees to suit all tastes, a large part of which have Direct Trade, Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications. They are also proud to support and improve the livelihoods of small, sustainable speciality farms.

At the heart of the operation is a 1980 150 kilo refurbished Probat roaster, together with a 1968 90 kilo Probat coffee roaster, and a 30 kilo Joper roaster reserved for small batches.